SEO2Web Traffic and Analytics, lots of it, Organic Traffic and Direct Traffic- the massive flow of visitors – is the dream-come-true to any Webmaster who offers goods and services for sale through his or her website.
Assuming the site is already well designed, its content attractive, its properly advertised and is also coupled with an effective back-office system – it is imperative that its webmaster employ a sharp, up-to-the-minute Analytics provider – that can inform him or her in real time how many visitors – for which he presumably paid – surfed through the site.
LinkMeg.comWeb Sharing Traffic Network – which uses Cloud Technology – has currently developed a back-office manager system, employing a sharp Analytics counter – to prove to its paying members and customers that it stand by its promise to provide them with low cost packages of 30,000 visitors – and even 60,000 visitors a month!  They can now see it immediately for themselves – and witness a boost to their business.
Now this is no empty pledge, since LinkMeg – which connects well with the Social Media and other search engines – has guaranteed, in writing, to supply each of its paying members with these massive monthly numbers.  Upon registration, it then requires them to enlist LinkMeg’s Tracking Code into their own website – so that both the Traffic provider – LinkMeg.com – and the customer, can monitor the promise and its fulfillment by reading the analytics!
If truth in advertisement has any meaning on the web – it is this unprecedented open invitation by LinkMeg.com to its customers – to come and check out the promised Traffic through its own analytics.  The natural expectation then, is that with this huge proven Traffic visiting a website – an outpouring of new customers will obviously follow – to the clear benefit of the business webmaster.