ForexPeaceArmy Scam Artists – Using Ongoing Manipulating Tactics on Forex Broker Victims!!!

forexpeacearmyForexPeaceArmy, if one were to understand a top authority, you must be able to see the signatories of a badge of honor.  This honor is one that can never be negotiated or manipulated. FPA, Forex Peace Army, the emperor with no clothes. Uncovered and stripped of his masquerade.

By Charles Stuart- Finencial Desk

December 20, 2012 – Just like any other day starts with an FX trader checking out the FX markets, the fiscal cliff developments, the ailing Europe economy and the new stimulus package from Prime Minister Abe etc etc. However, as I check the market indicators, flashing ads of forex gurus and other parasitic mongoloids taunt further for your money, a flashing curiosity sat in, suddenly came across Dmirtri Chavkerov’s (AKA Felix, or Felix the Cat or Felix Ungar) a less than squeaky clean posterboy as “Big Brother” in Forex whistle blowing, is in fact the ghost owner and head of FPA (forex peace army). A site allegedly geared toward protecting the FX trader from online fraudster brokerages that seemingly pray on the FX traders and duping them out of their money. The first thing that comes to mind as an ex-banker, “is the FPA an authorized and recognized board to justify its position with any authority to assume any unbiased authority on the matter?”,I  didn’t see credentials on the website; what does that tell you? There is Interestingly enough, the FPA assumes the position as an authority on many matters that have to do with dispute resolution and not so shockingly soliciting managed accounts in the process. I guess being unregulated themselves, they have free reign to do whatever they want as well.  Through a vast amount of negative information on Dmitri Chavkerov (Felix) has been prevalent for some time, with the illegal alien charges to fraud to managing client investment funds without a license. So how can the FPA take the highroad of “running on the side of angels” for traders, that we all know that all information can be manipulated in many ways on the internet and that their so called complaint section (more like a sitcom script) of less than reputable statements by FPA and their so called policing of brokerages actions on where you can go for help or , how to avoid this and that. In my experience, if this were to be a neutral party, where is the code of honor? Or the the armed gaurds that supposed to protect the trader from improprieties of the brokerages? All I see is blinking ads and coin phrases from brokerages soliciting themselves to get the attention of traders visiting FPA. I for one fully understand and truly believe that “putting on notice” to the traders of “Risk Disclosures” is one very important aspect of legal protection for the brokerage and the client, which many of the brokerages do in fact, but isn’t it the job of the FPA to put up their own disclaimers as well?

However, it’s one thing to be the media darling of all the havoc that is entrenched on the internet that makes false statements to the traders’ and seeps into their vulnerability is another thing.  There are also underlying issues to the FPA’s intentions to be the good guys, meaning that Dmitri Chavkerov (Felix) is more than a Forex whistle blower, he is a media seeker an entrepreneur, and one of the fundamental keys of this status quo is that you have to make profit!, to earn more money to build more sites and re-direct FX traders to his other heavily profitable Forex sites; makes sense? I think so. His amnesty safe haven to FX traders is a little overblown to the FX community and how some traders see this site as the ‘be all to end all’. There are always two sides to this spectrum, 1. To make him rich and 2 to allow him to curtail the truth to make him not only rich, but to manipulate the market and the FX traders in a different perspective such as:

His current venture websites






He forgot Is it enough that Dmitri (Felix) is a ghost trying to tilt at windmills in one way and build a large conglomerate on the other, manipulating traders that he is he the only honest Forex trader out there making money on the backs of traders’ misfortunes and then  to trade on behalf of them on another? Sounds like he is franchising and doing well at it, especially when he waits for his DVD sales to rise.

Unfortunately for Dmitri (Felix), he must understand the old adage in politics: “God help you when the people find out, cause they always do”. I’m not implying that he broke into Watergate, but he is definitely looking at a possible SEC violation in his beloved investment management ventures, FPA and his other FX venture of managing accounts and DVD videos on “how to be a Forex Millionaire in three years or less”. I have always understood that a neutral party to resolve disputes or whistle blowers are usually not-for-profit organization with substantial skills in dispute resolution and sometimes litigation lawyers who do a civil service; but I guess we can excuse this kind of sordidness coming from a free-wheeling Dmitri and his insatiable appetite for greed and attention.  I guess he has been taking his cues from Jeffery Skilling, from Enron; except he is not the smartest guy in the room.

Moreover, I came across a few interviews with his FPA spokesperson: “Bill” that had to use all the artillery in his arsenal to fend off the allegations such as:

Well I thought it couldn’t get any better now Dmitri is selling DVD’s on how to become a Forex Millionaire in three years or less with Remote Viewing…Skip Atwater Quote from” (source: (What is up with )”

What? A Seminar on his Yacht? Is he even allowed to give these kinds of financial advice? Is he actually collecting clients funds?

He should have enough money to get his illegal girlfriend a US residence status.  There is one major disturbance about all these sites including the aforementioned FPA is that if at anytime you assume an authority position, you should have some kind of authoritative education in the subject matter or maybe a license for managing accounts make sense? If you closely look at the FPA site, you can see there are a lot of very impressionistic colours and fancy shields to suggest a possible government subsidy. Very compelling and very obscure in its primary purpose I must say.  This question came to me after reading a Q & A interview with a FPA spokesperson:

Bill K. (ForexPeaceArmy):There was one attempt to set up a managed fund for very large clients. No funds were ever deposited..

Are we supposed to feel better about this even though no funds were deposited? He also emphasized on “Large clients” The fact that FPA had even entertained any kind of fund management without being licensed is alone in violation of SEC federal laws and regulations that he regurgitates to the FX traders that are looking for a “fair and balanced” neutral party that spew forth all their preaching of their “Forex Court” and unbiased positioning. Another quote from FPA “Bill” suggests the opposite:

Bill from FPA:We’ve got a bunch of EAs as well as signals services and managed accounts services where you can monitor how well they perform from our website.”

Well, doesn’t this understate the aforementioned.

We all know drama sells, its sells no matter the form, whether it’s a movie, review or a blog, FPA is looking for traffic and they look for the fall guys to pay the price.  Evidently, this is another posting that has been reported as well:

Mr. dimitri has made headlines around the world for his cutting edge class of fraud. And is the first to be caught in this type of online fraud. Based on current information he is pretending to be a trading expert but based on financial statements he has lost a large sum of money in trading the forex market and all of his current income is from fraudulent product sale”(source:”

SO not only is he an unlicensed trader, he is also losing money for his clients. Where is all this money going Mr. Felix?

From misrepresentation on the FPA, to franchising Forex websites, to unlicensed portfolio managing, and to being accused of slander and curtailing the federal laws in trying to get his illegal alien girlfriend into the United States; what else can we expect from Dmitri Chavkerov or Felix and the FPA’s blatant consortium of websites is nothing but trying to lure clients away from other brokerages to team up with his white knight portfolio management schemes. What can one do but look for the truth. Don’t find it on FPA.

Other Sources

– “Below is the actual Governments complaint against Dmitri’s girlfriend Yuliya M. Kalinina note in the interview she admits he is not a U.S citizen, and in his interview (pg-12) he admits he had knowledge of and willingly took part in this FRAUD against the United States Of Americ